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Parliament, an English gentleman in easy circumstances and of excellent family. Few bodies of men have ever assem- bled in Georgia of more ability. The county has been almost yam latticed with railways, and Americus has become quite a railroad center. There were few stores in which liquor was not sold. Larkin Cleveland, James Collier, Edward Collier, Christopher Clark, Thomas P Carnes, Zach Cox, Boiling Clark, Samuel Camp, Robt Creswell, Robt Curry, Richard Call, B Curton, Jesse Con- well, Abednego Chandler, John W Connelly, Vincent Chance, Peter Carnes, Wm Crosby, paper Wm Cruddy.

Saml Peacock, roberts, gabriel Parker, paul Patrick, henry Bonner. Henry Ken drick, thos Kilpatrick, beaver paper 460 briscoe blvd lawrencevi ga a Burroughs, which was on lower Broad street near the beaver paper 460 briscoe blvd lawrencevi ga jail. After 18 16, jose Presh, probably after the Virginia county from which they emigrated 346 The Story of Georgia Chap.

Beaver Paper Graphic Media, Inc.Is located in Atlanta, Georgia and houses a 100,000.

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He was a young senator and died in 1801. John McClure, note There how should a research paper outline look like are doubtless errors in the above list. But for the civil strife which the Revolution brought. But we can conjecture it was to protest against the proposed measure of Governor Reynolds to recall the grants of land hitherto made and issue new warrants upon new conditions. Member of Congress, treasurer, sa vannah, there would have been little disturbance to them during the war. There was but little produced for sale and the people lived within them 448 The Story of Georgia Chap. And I have been much less mi nute in my account of the first years of the Georgia Colony.

The- Presbyterians, Baptists and Episcopalians had each a lot granted by the State on the same square.These years of war had, however, desolated all the new settlements, and when the war was over there was much to do to repair its ravages.Josiah Miegs was chosen as president, and the college had its first commencement, under an arbor, in 1804.

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John Houston were selected as dele- gates to Philadelphia, but as they had no proper authority, and as the Georgia colony had not complied with the con- j ditions of membership in the association, the delegates did ' not go, but sent a letter.295 eventually reached it, and now the county has good railroad facilities and has rapidly improved.

Those who are among the wealthiest of its people now were poor boys who began life as employees in the stores of Jewish clothing merchants, and who have grown up with the city.So most of the few people of means who came into the colony at its first settlement, and who tried to use white men as laborers, were compelled to remove to South Carolina, where they could get negroes.The inhabitants in the county are a plain, good people, and there are churches and schools in all parts of the county.

383 black and white, In every section of the county; and now in no part of the State is there better provision made for the education of all classes.These house servants were better fed, better clad, and had more civilizing influences around them.Form- wait, and the first marshal was German Lester.

That they were honest as a class or put a high estimate on social purity or the bond of marriage no one could justly say.Savannah has always been famous for the beauty of its old squares and the handsome monuments erected on some of them.Whitney put his head to work, and finally fell on the idea upon which the modern gin is constructed.