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one of those 5 instead. I am in my last course, and I feel that I have gained knowledge that gives me the flexibility to pursue a leadership role in any career that I choose. E.g., there was one class that covered Perl, ASP, and PHP scripting. The best part about my experience with this program is that I was able to immediately use what I learned and apply it to my current job. I have 3 classes left after the 1 I'm currently enrolled in at the time of this post. The Pros: Yes, there are some pros. The CJ instructor also took time out to personally counsel me concerning career choices. 14 of 16 people found the following review helpful I would never recommend this school to anyone. Bellevue University is a fantastic college for working adults whom are focused. But that was not the issue. The only negative I can say is the administrative problems can be frustrating. While I was leaning toward one program, that didn't the completely fill my needs, my advisor suggested another program that is a perfect fit and I am excited about the curriculum! I went into this program with the hopes of furthering the education I received from Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, NE but that was absolutely not the case. For each of these programming languages, we made an html form and did a database connection.

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The math classes were hard, the teachers are great the assignments though tough but are stimulating. I had been using Linux for a little while before that 2 of 3 people found the following review helpful Overall a good experience Was this review helpful. I can proudly say with confidence that I learned something. Expect to have at least 10 hours of homework per week. Opinions more respectfully, i actually went over the amount of credits I needed. Our instructor had an attitude with anyone who tried to challenge him paper and made me feel like there was only one way to view the readings. I donapos, additionally, while there are many aspects that are disappointing wrapping in the program. Which are both well respected institutions of higher learning. T like this aspect I feel it made me learn how to object to othersapos.

Bellevue University has received 61 reviews.To Whomever It May Concern: I enrolled at Bellevue University Online.

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T have to show up to get all" Quizzes consisted mainly of truefalse questions that anyone with a bit of research experience could phd find answers to online. And Management Sciences and Information Systems. Assignments were on par with high school freshman homework 6 of 10 people found the following review helpful This school should be ashamed of itself for claiming to be a place of higher education. This is a great school with knowledgeable professors.

I found that you don't have to invest much to achieve a high grade, but you are only cheating yourself.I really appreciate that thoughtfulness.I had attended University of Texas at Austin previously, and Bellevue is definitely not an "easy" alternative.

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This is my first year of school here at Bellevue I am extremely happy so far.Most students will not pay the full sticker price and few students fit perfectly into 'averages'.

I had the exact amounts of credit I was supposed to transfer and the electives so i had no problem except to continue on with the bachelor Program.It has a reputation of being a "diploma mill" and employers do not respect the degrees from there.If you are like me, an older adult looking for finish a degree and have a family and other responsibilities, you may want to consider another University.

I enjoyed these and hope that Bellevue will add more of them to the curriculum.I've learned a lot already about Human Resources, and anticipate much more e teacher answers all questions quickly and completely, and furthers discussions when necessary (A) and is a great contributor to your learning.

(I wouldve continued on at Bellevue but UNO offers an aviation option to the MPA).Honestly I come from Wayne State which was good for my minor in criminal justice but average for my business management major.