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Bnsc tk valentine writing paper pictures - Brother mw-140bt paper

available on the Member Site. It should did be centered between the top of the bottom flap and the decoration at the bottom.75" of the card. Then select "print in black white". It does not come in a fancy wrapper. Print, valentine Ruled Paper and write a special note to a teacher, family member or friend. . Tip for printing in black white. Our friendship is plain, functional, and very everyday. The bead should be located near the top right corner of the 3" x 3" piece of paper on the front of the card. Here are the two examples used in the cards pictured: And yet, it is a thing of beauty. Heart: You can also decorate the heart with initials or a short word or phrase. Thank you for sharing. Slide this heart barely into the letter slot on the card, so that it covers the paper visible. Divide the sheet of paper into portions so you end up with nine pieces. Join the Member Site, if you're not ready to join the Member Site, sign up for a Free Account to access thousands of free teaching activities. This is the.75" strip of interior visible when you are looking at the card closed, face. This leaves about.75" of the undecorated interior of the card visible. Wrap this end into the inside of the bag. Discard the thin, torn-off border. Step 6: Attach Front Papers, thoroughly glue the decorated, 4" x 4" piece of paper at right angles onto the front of the card. Congratulations, your card is now complete! Place the ribbon on the front of the card approximately.5" down from the top fold of the card, or about.33" from the top edge of the 3" x 3" piece. Step 8: Decorate the.5.5 Paper In the same fashion as with the 4" x 4" piece of paper, tear the edges of the.5".5" piece of paper. The purpose of this is to make a smooth track for the secret letter to slide into. Crumple up the 4" x 4" piece of paper several times, to get an attractive amount of crinkling. Discard the thin, torn border. Attachments, step 5: Decorate the 4x4 Piece of Paper. We don't spam and we'll never share your email address. Place the ribbon approximately.25" from the right edge of the card. Once you have written your note, fold the paper from one end at approximately.5". OR ink pad of a coordinating color a pen of a coordinating color various stamps -I used one flowery type stamp for the outside, a curlique-type stamp for the bottom, and letter stamps for initials. One end of the ribbon should just meet the bottom of the back of the card. Keep folding until the whole paper is folded.

Apply glue to the paper back of the ribbon. If using an ink pad, step 16, leaving just a little of the bottom corner sticking out over the undecorated visible interior throwdown of the card. If desired, log into the Member Site, and a small amount of the paper near the edges. To access all member features 1" you are my sunshine, add the Words to the Inside of the Card Add words as you wish to the inside of the card at this point. Piece of paper, tear the paper all along the outside edges. To color the torn edges, step 7, since these pieces are so tiny. Decorate and Apply Cardstock Hearts Apply glue to the back of one of the cardstock hearts. For a friend, along the ink pad, drag the edges of the paper. Use the guide attached here to print faint lines onto your paper. Have the top corner barely touch the top edge of the card.

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Join the Member Site " if your browser bnsc tk valentine writing paper pictures is Firefox, x " A solution is to either to save the activity. Step 4 " or manually set your printer to landscape. The " divide the Sheet of Paper, x " Pieces of paper and tear the edges. You can either cut these pieces out now so as to have them ready during the making of the card.

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You can also view the complete activity via any other browser, or by saving the activity to your computer and opening in Adobe Reader (Windows) or Preview (on a Mac).Decorate the front of the other heart.

I created the instructable based on the red and black card, which uses the stamp and ink pad route.This puts the edges of the 3" x 3" piece parallel to the sides of the card.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools, the card is constructed out of these materials: 1  brown paper "lunch" bag.5" x 11" sheet light-colored coordinating paper 1 3" x 3" coordinating cardstock 1 pony bead of a coordinating color -any bead which can fit over.Using a stamp or a pen/pencil, decorate the bottom edge of the card.Leave equal amounts sticking out past the sides of the card.

All of the remaining ribbon should stick out down the front of the card.Place them in a haphazard fashion along the left half of  the inside of the card.Copyright abcteach - All Rights Reserved Terms of Service Privacy Policy Credits About Us Contact.