Chinese paper fan craft

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Chinese paper fan craft

to fix it in place. Brandy is a California girl married to an Alaskan boy. You will need: A piece of paper about 1m by 20cm. You can roller leave the sheets undecorated or you may draw, paint or stamp on them as you please. Arrange the folds into one pile. Close with a mini hair band and it is ready to travel with you! The string can likewise keep the fan folded shut.

Chinese paper fan craft: Chem homework help

M, recipes is a collection of paper some of her favorite kids activities. It would state make a nice project for Chinese New Year. What a fun way to display all of those cute drawings that kids make. And craft tutorials, tape the bottom of the fan together.

This cute, chinese fan makes a good craft for a, china theme or perhaps during the.Fax paper is ideal (we were fortunate enough to find an old Venetian blind.How to make, paper Fans with Blow Pens!

Glue a craft paper stick each fan along the outer sides of the fan. Decorate your paper with the pens. You can either have the kids decorate their paper first or use solid colors. Keep the glue gun out of young childrenapos. You can attach a string on the outer face of one craft stick. Chinese New Year is just around the corner on February 16th.

Brandy has been surrounded by creative influences her entire life.Pleat the paper into folds about 1 1/2cm wide.

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Trim off any excess paper after the last fold.This is a great craft to turn that art into an object!Step 2 : Accordion fold each piece of paper.

Repeat steps 4 to 6 for the second sheet of paper. Moving them the opposite way will close the fan.

In ancient China, fans came in various shapes and forms, and were made in different materials such as silk, jade, bamboo and even e original Chinese fan, the circular tuánshàn, is said to have been modeled after the full moon, and signifies union and happiness.What did she come back with?You can fold it without scoring, but scoring will help children get even folds all the way across.

To open your fan, bring the popsicle sticks all the way round so that they meet.DIY Tissue Paper Globe, northern Lights Activity for Kids!Glue the two folded sheets of paper along one edge.