Flame out of construction paper

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Flame out of construction paper - Ss13 rolling paper

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Flame out of construction paper, Hw mqny amendments

You will want this pattern to be about 1 inch smaller on all sides 33 straight line motion revisited homework than the red flame pattern. Make several flame patterns in different sizes and shapes to decorate your party area. Turn the yellow flame pattern over and center it on top of the orange flame pattern. Draw a slightly smaller flame pattern on the orange construction paper. Spread a thin what can i write my dissertation on layer of glue on the back of the orange flame pattern.

Choose orange and yellow construction paper to make a realistic fire.(Image: Victoria Short/iStock/Getty Images).Artificial fires are a safe alternative to indoor.

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Start by drawing a large shallow S shape with practice the marker. This is also a great, cut out the large flame pattern you drew on the construction paper. Paper flames recreate the bright yellow center and red edges of a real fire. Cut out the yellow flame pattern.

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