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The Voice bad. Then we had the tragedy of Grenfell. The plans are part of a "fundamental rethink" on social housing following the Grenfell tragedy. As Green Papers go, it is very green. But it is not without its critics. This publication is an important first step in an open and thorough Charter Review. Social housing in 'crisis' in south. While BBC productions has a well-earned reputation for quality, many independent production companies can offer similar production values, it says. The Governments consultation paper - a Green Paper - is the first stage toronto university phd thesis of the process in setting a new Charter. The Green Paper also pledges a scheme to offer tenants the right to buy 1 of their home each year. A Green Paper is a consultation document issued by the government which contains policy proposals for debate and discussion before a final decision is taken on the best policy option. I believe this process has been utterly shabby from the outset, Bryant said. Decriminalisation had cross-party support from MPs before the general election, when the BBC said it would cost 200m in lost income as a result of increased licence fee evasion. We have 18 months to save the BBC our nations cultural NHS. To support the Charter Review, Culture Secretary John Whittingdale has announced the appointment of a group of experts from across a range of industries and backgrounds. It outlines three broad options to replace it: reform the current trust system; give the BBC a unitary board alongside a new standalone regulator; or create a new BBC board with regulatory powers switched to existing media regulator, Ofcom. It will be subject to public consultation before an expected bill or white paper is put before Parliament, probably next year. Its remit economics thesis topics for undergraduates will be to provide expertise, challenge and advice during the Charter Review process. They pay the licence-fee. . The way in which the BBC is funded. Under the Cameron government, the amount of new social housing started, dwindled to almost nothing. Green Papers are government documents which set out policy ideas and enable ministers to consult on the suggestions. In the absence of subscription, the three options seen as viable in the shorter term are a reformed licence fee (removing the anomaly of the iPlayer loophole a universal household levy based on the German model, potentially including concessions for single occupancy households; and. There is also an argument that some of the services might be serving significantly overlapping. The BBCs perceived impact on local media and newspapers has been a recent criticism.

000 were newlybuilt homes, in September last year, senior Tory. Under the agreement, and to build more affordable homes. The paper highlights a crossover in audiences between Radio 1 paper and Radio. More the start of a conversation than offering solutions. Which has proven to be a very resilient form of funding green bringing.

The government has launched a consultation paper on the future of the, bBC.It spells out fundamental questions about the broadcaster s future, which it will debate before renewing the.The, government s consultation paper - a, green Paper - is the first stage of the process in setting a new Charter.

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000 and 90, the iPlayer loophole, diversity. Quality and safety for residents living in social housing across the country. Universality a BBC for all, judith Blake 000 people watch TV ondemand but do not pay the licence fee. It is also true that more people especially younger people now access television exclusively online and without a licence. Housing spokeswoman for the Local Government Association.

In a multichannel world where broadband is ubiquitous, it says: There are counter-arguments that the BBC does not need to be providing such a broad range of services in order to meet its public service objectives.The review will also look at how the BBC generates its own income through its commercial arm, BBC Worldwide and will consider the full range of options for reform including full or part privatisation of Worldwide.

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However we need to ask some hard questions during this Charter Review.There are particular challenges in reaching black, Asian and minority ethnic audiences and in meeting the needs of younger age groups who increasingly access content online, rather than via the traditional platforms of television and radio.

Media captionWhat is social housing and why do we have it?However, Whittingdales speech today had a silver lining for the BBC.

Whittingdale was also attacked in the House of Commons by shadow culture secretary Chris Bryant who called his opposite number profoundly unpatriotic for his attempt to diminish the Corporation.The memoirs of Nick Clegg, David Cameron's deputy prime minister, reveal that a very senior government figure asked why would we spend money on social housing - it just breeds Labour voters.It also invites them to comment on how the BBC is governed.

The latest announcement comes a day after the government unveiled its 100m strategy to tackle rough sleeping on England's streets.Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, John Whittingdale MP, said: The BBC is at the very heart of Britain.