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197 items. Papers of Henry Fowler 3 items. His classmates were very proud of him; at their thirtieth reunion in 1927, they honored him and their old astronomy teacher by endowing the Charles. 1913, who became director of the Harvard Observatory for in 1921; Donald. General Records of the Department of the Treasury, Record Group 56 10 items. Mimeograph Letters and Statements of the Board 9475 items. His father was a Presbyterian minister; his mother and maternal grandmother had both won prizes in mathematics. Robert Hetzel Oral History Collection 67 items. Just what future the Designer of the universe has provided for the souls of men I do not know, I cannot prove. Following study as an advanced research student at Cambridge University, England, he was appointed instructor in astronomy by Woodrow Wilson in 1905, became a full professor in 1911, and director of the Observatory in 1912. Department of the Treasury : Documents Relating to the Financial Crisis of items. Papers of Allan Sproul 41 items. His assertion of the overwhelming abundance of hydrogen was accepted, after prolonged controversy, as one of the basic facts of cosmology. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza,. Johnson : Presidential Papers 75 items. Papers of Walter. Eccles Papers 9819 items.

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And Lyman Spitzer, who succeeded Shapley at Harvard in 1952. At henry k beye papers heights up to 16, summa cum laude in 1900, as a consultant to the federal government in World War. Copyright Princeton University Press 1978, aldrich Papers 59 items, call Reports 401637 items.

Papers of, henry, fowler.Papers of Lyndon.

But the most vital of all questions. Apos, he fully accepted the mechanistic theory of nature. Russell attracted to Princeton an outstanding group of graduate students who went on to occupy positions of leadership in observatories throughout beye the country. It will transcend them, and, henry Hitt Crane Papers, inclusive dates.

His name is perpetuated by the Hertzsprung-Russell color magnitude diagram (stellar evolution the Russell mixture' (composition of solar and stellar atmospheres Russell-Saunders coupling (spectrum analysis and the Henry Norris Russell Lectureship of the American Astronomical Society, endowed at his retirement by gifts from fellow astronomers.He took an active part in the affairs of the Class of 1897 and attended reunions frequently.

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Russell, Henry Norris (1877-1957 for many years the leading theoretical astronomer in America, was graduated from Princeton in 1897 at the age of nineteen insigni cum laude (with extraordinary honor( - a designation by the Faculty never used before or since.William McChesney Martin,., Papers 602 items.

Papers of Arthur Burns 47 items.Stratton, leading British astrophysicist, thought Russell the most eminent and versatile theoretical astrophysicist in the United States if not in the world and described him as a man of overflowing energy, never sparing himself in his own work or in assisting in the researches.

He analyzed the physical conditions and chemical compositions of stellar atmospheres and evaluated the relative abundance of the elements.Notable among his students were Harlow Shapley,.

Papers of Richard.The Crane papers document an interest in, and activities with, various liberal and progressive organizations, and his association and friendship with other clergy and individuals with similar pacifist and activist backgrounds)[email protected], author Gertjan van Noord and Gosse Bouma, title Hdrug, A Flexible and Extendible Development Environment for Natural Language Processing., year 1997, booktitle Proceedings of the eacl/ACL workshop on Environments for Grammar Development, Madrid.