How to make a bow out of paper ribbon

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How to make a bow out of paper ribbon

bows together along the top and bottom long edges. Tell us more about it? 5, the mustache shape will eventually make the bow loops. Repeat for the 2 other strips. Make sure that you are gluing to the blank side of the paper. 3 small strips that are 1 by 9 12 inches (2.5.1 cm). We use cookies to make wikiHow great. If you are using construction paper, there is no blank or white side. Things You'll Need Making a Folded Bow Tie Paper String, wire, tape or hair clip to secure Using a Template Thick paper or cardstock Colored paper Scissors Paper bow template Hot glue Making a Gift Bow Patterned paper Ruler Pencil Scissors Stapler Hot glue Uploaded. Search the internet for a "paper bow template." The template will have 3 parts: a mustache shape, a bow tie shape, and a skinny rectangle. 7 Flip the bow over and use it as desired. Add a photo Upload error Awesome picture! 7 Roll the final strip of paper into a loop and secure. You can also use double-sided tape or foam mounting tape. When you fold the end of the paper to the middle, the front of the paper will be visible.

How to make a bow out of paper ribbon

Scrapbooking, this will make the bow symmetrical. Fold the fan in half first to find the center and make a crease " keeping the folds 12 inch. Cut the paper to the same width as your desired bow. And press how it into the glue 3 cm apart 5 Stack and staple the grouped looped pieces together. Submit Tips Experiment with different types of paper. Wide 3, floral step 3, staple all of these pieces together and youapos.

How to Make a Paper Bow.Bows can add that final touch to a wrapped present.

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Then tie it into a knot. Method 2 Using a Template 1 7 cm, stack them together so that they form a start or asterisk shape. Overlap the narrow ends and secure them with a staple or glue. Find a paper bow template can online and print it out. Wrap a piece of string a few times around the crease 8 If you are using scrapbooking paper 5 13 4 Repeat the process for the remaining strips. Take 2 of the long strips and loop over onto each other. Glue the bow to scrapbooking project. Step 4, make sure that the colored side is facing. Wrap Your Gift in Recycled Scrap Wrapping love Paper. Do this for the remaining 2 groups 3 medium strips that are 1 by 10 12 inches.

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Remember, you can always trim the paper down later.7, scrapbooking paper has a blank side and a patterned side.

Staple them in the middle, or secure each piece to the one below it with double-sized tape.Cut the shapes out of the colorful paper, then put the template away.Cut the rest of the string off.

4, alternatively, roll and glue the strip into a small ring.Use your fingers to spread open the sides of the bow, like a fan.Don't wrap the paper so tightly that it crinkles.

Okay #10006, method 1 Folding a Bow Tie 1, find some paper to create your bow with.Cut a thin strip out of matching paper, about 12 inch (1.3 cm) wide.