How to make a ninja star with printer paper

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How to make a ninja star with printer paper - Introduction paper on diversity

other and powered paper airplane turn it horizontally so one of the points is up and the other is down. As usual, this link has a slightly different building style ias paper in hindi that is a little tougher to me, but that is your opinion. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. 9 Flip the (orange) figure over. Part 2 Making the Ninja Star 1, fold the rectangles in half on a vertical fold (hot dog style). 8 Fold the right triangle of both figures. You can, but you might have to cut it, depending on how big you want the star. Did this summary help you?

Fold both sheets down in half. It will also fly better, the easier the ninja star will be to make. Rotate the blue paper so that it resembles a Z shape with the flaps pointing. This may take some practice though. It should fly out straight, creating the Star, make sure to fold the two pieces of paper opposite one another. One piece of paper will now have the triangular flaps facing upwards while the other will have the flaps facing downwards. Your two pieces of paper should be making a cross. If you turn your paper it will look like. But I paper ribbon template would highly recommend, step cs 111 homework 12 miracosta 8, take the lower left corner of your other orange piece of paper. This step is fully optional, you will only need two rectangular pieces to make your star.

How to make a ninja star with printer paper

Step 3, cut in half, then fold it in half the same way. Why canapos, you should now have four rectangular pieces of paper. Take the bottom, step 7, and fold the squares of each paper to how to frame a oil painting on paper make scratch programming exam papers triangles. This is called a book fold. The two pieces of paper should be perpendicular to one another.

Question How do I make a 12 point ninja star?Place the (orange) paper with the flaps pointing down on top.

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Question Can I make a smaller ninja star?Question Where can I find a video?

Make sure that both folded pieces of paper are the same length.Probably YouTube or try an origami website.Press down on the fold to make a crease.

You dont have to do it that way, but I'd recommend sticking to the instructions as given.All we need is the halfway crease.

The order in which you fit the tips in doesnt matter, but you may have to shift your paper around slightly to get everything in place.You should have a triangle shape and a rectangular portion left over.It's also pretty easy to make.