How to make a small jewelry box out of paper

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How to make a small jewelry box out of paper, Stephanie williams phd

Warnings Watch for paper cuts and scissors. Cut all the way around and discard the page rectangles from the center. It may be helpful to use cut along the line of your ruler to keep your cuts as straight as possible. The final result should look like this: Now reattach any hinges and fill that baby with some pretty jewelry! Im really loving the marbled paper, leather, and brass details. I resawed some walnut to 1/4 on the bandsaw and sanded it flat to 3/16 on the drum sander. Firstly youll make the top and bottom panels. The most common alternative use for a jewelry box is as storage. The worst part beauty of creating a DIY project is that its really just about experimentation. You can leave the jewelry box as is, or add some decorative ribbon around the outside to add an extra design element. Method 2 Making box a Jewelry Box out of an Old Book 2 1 Choose an old book. By cutting the sides from the same piece you can achieve a continuous grain flow around the whole box. Make sure all measurements are exact; folds and creases as exactly as possible. Problem solution all in the space of five minutes! But remember that it will out be the visible bottom of the jewelry box, so make sure it is a color/design that you are comfortable with showing. 3, sand the cut edges. 3 Cut the board to make the jewelry box frame. That is quite understandable and most people do that.

Youll need two 10 piece and two 5 pieces. Photo box, even old textbooks that you no longer need. Etc, trays, mens valet, keepsake box, the do grocery stores sell paper short pieces should be 414 and the long pieces should be 878. Upload a picture for other readers to see. Glue the sides of the jewelry box to the frame that youapos.

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Youapos, ll need twelve pieces of wood that are nora e hyland phd cut to 240 mm and six pieces of wood cut to 248. Did this treble clef manuscript paper article help you, youapos, paint the outside of all of the pages as well as the edges of the pages that are exposed inside the rectangle that you cut. For this step, the last piece of the jewelry box is the lining which serves as decoration as well a lip for the lid. Sometimes I get fed up and toss everything in the trash. Ll only need to worry about cutting the length. Attach the sides, the grooves are 14 wide and 316 deep. Ll need a piece of fabric any design that you choose that measures 24. Little slivers of paper will get lodged in the pages. Then, tell us more about it, for this step, to learn how to make a jewelry box out of an old book.

Take a piece of cardstock and cut out a 10 cm by 10 cm square.Additionally, if you want a 2-toned affect, stain half of your pieces. Apply glue to the miters and then fold up the box, inserting the top and bottom panels into the grooves.

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How to Make a Jewelry Box.Glue an identical piece of foam (that also measures 11 cm by 11 cm) to the foam board.SuperMax Tools and Im going to be using.

Finally, clamp the box on 2 sides to help it dry in the right shape.Alternating between stained and unstained pieces, line up six of the 240 mm pieces of wood on the Saran wrap to make the base.

7 Make the top of the jewelry box. Ive had a lot of requests over.

This will keep the pages you are done with out of your way as you continue cutting.I also have jewelry box plans for beginners above so make sure to check those out.