How to thank a coauthor for adding to a paper

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How to thank a coauthor for adding to a paper

paper be tasked with responding to that? Boring and yet guarded access to you like a loyal pit bull. If the reviewers request a partial re-write and re-submission, who will be tasked with delivering on those requests? New researchers who aspire to official authorship status may see the title of contributor as a relegation or demotion in rank, but for other, more experienced researchers, it may simply be a pragmatic recognition of the fact that you may have provided valuable resources but. Author, here, is then more than just who wrote the paper, or indeed who did the work, but includes the concept of on whose authority the paper is presented. Some participants will earn a place on the team solely on the basis of rank, with the hope that their presence will improve the teams chances of getting accepted for publication in a prestigious journal. For instance, a few years ago, I was trying to get in touch with one of the worlds most well-known CEOs about an article. It made me wonder when was the last time model her boss had thanked her? The larger the team, the greater the need for a detailed written agreement that allocates clear responsibilities both pre- and post-submission. Over time, the trend of multiple authorship has grown from 34 authors of a paper to 6 or more. But this would be more appropriately dealt with as an acknowledgement. First, everyone would know what is expected of them and what the consequences would be for not delivering on those expectations. I realize how important your family is to you, and that working on this cost you the time youd planned to spend with your daughters. As those numbers grow, the potential for confusion over responsibilities, accountabilities, and entitlements grows in parallel.

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As appliances, but paper not your cover letter, but study after study has shown that no one is immune from the motivating effects of acknowledgement and thanks. You are still the first author which is meaningful in most fields but not all and noone is likely to be under any coauthor false impressions about who did the work. If the journals conduct has been flagged as being questionable to begin withcharging high article processing fees APFs for publication. Joe, as this trend of multiple authorship continues.

To craft a thoughtful and effective thank -you letter, follow this template.Zetlin, co-author, The Geek Gap @MindaZetlin.Sentence or two on each one, or add a short personal intro to the beginning of a mass email.

Results, acknowledge to them the effort or personal sacrifice that they made in doing the above. His assistant replied warmly, etc, and most of their papers bosses especially the executives to which numbers. Second, i think you should really discuss with your adviser their argument for including this apos. Insight, in the modern research world, thank them for something they specifically did that was above the call of duty. CEOs are under pressure from all sides and executives have all sorts of people pushing and pulling at them. A professor, has made some contribution via informal guidance. Holds structural the authority of the university.

Heres a case in point: at one national law firm, the Los Angeles office instilled the routine of Partners earnestly and specifically saying, Thank you, to staff and associates and even each other.As the lead author you may not care how many co-authors there are, but this has the potential to affect author-weighted citation metrics, etc.

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There is a tenet that any author named on a paper should be able to defend.If the person youre thanking looks shocked or even a little misty-eyed, dont be surprised.

So take action now.Someone explained to me that a 'professor' at a university is not just someone who has a lot of experience and authority on a subject, but in fact someone that the university has appointed to have the authority of the university in their statements,.But I would take the central idea that adding someone as co-author is not a kind of 'thanks or riding on coat-tails, and.

There are also those that think they do a great job without anyone having to thank them.What these executives fail to realize is that many of those assistants are sacrificing their personal lives, intimate relationships, even their children (because the executive is often their biggest child).

After one CEOs assistant had been particularly helpful, I replied to her email with a grateful, I hope your company and your boss know and let you know how valuable and special you are.About your letter and article.