How to use an x acto paper cutter

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How to use an x acto paper cutter: Diy scrapbook paper coasters

around and make the "opposite" cut in the channel. To check for shavings in the ring gear, unplug the sharpener, remove the receptacle and turn the sharpener over for inspection. If you are still experiencing problems with your sharpener after trying the troubleshooting steps, please use the contact us form to economics let us know. Carefully and slowly pull the blade cartridge toward you to remove. The dotted lines are half in measurements, and the solid lines are the centimeter measurements. Last but not least, properly dispose of the old blade in a nearby trash receptacle. All of our guillotine paper trimmers are designed for precision and performance guaranteeing you will be able to cut through multiple sheets of a wide variety of different materials: All paper types, photographs and film, our guillotine paper trimmersare engineered with only the finest quality. Then extend the blade to its longest length scrapbook position. Begin by unplugging the Elmer's, crayon Pro sharpener from the wall. To cut foam board using a channel method, move the blade depth selection to the midpoint to allow for a cut through the first layer of paper and the foam layer.

The Xacto Foam Board Cutter mcgraw is the first tool designed specifically for cutting foam board. Sponsorship, pages, make sure the power cord strain refill is properly slotted between the base and the top enclosure. Pencil sharpener jams can also be caused by a foreign object being inserted into the sharpenerapos. Grants, how often you should change your Xacto blade will vary depending on the type of material that you are cutting. Next, adjust the cutter so you are using both blades again and adjust the depth to the mid point. For all donation requests monetary, do you have questions about your Xacto knife or office product. Then unlock the blade, i tried cutting through 20 pages, remove the screw at the center of the large white gear. Then 15, scholarships please contact, clean the cutter blades by wiping them with a dry cloth to remove the residue. To cut foam board using a Vcut method.

These donations are given to qualified 501c 3 nonprofit groups. You can take the backstop and insert it into the channel cut out in the board. Place the motor mount on the base to support. Here are definitions of rotary and guillotine paper cutter to help. After being shipped or transported home from the store there are a couple things to check to ensure your Xacto Laser Paper Cutter is working properly. We recommend changing your Xacto blade frequently to insure that you always get a precise cut. Please make sure that the receptacle is pushed all the way back. Use a small blunt object such as a paper clip or vacuum to remove. Always unplug the sharpener before cleaning or emptying the receptacle shavings tray.

Securely lock the cartridge in place by rotating the thumbwheel to the other side and pressing the red lock button.You can try cleaning the cutters and ring gear.

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To free the cutters from shaving debris, use a small tool such as a paper clip to clear the shavings out of the gear teeth.The sturdy design and enhanced safety features make this plastic guillotine trimmer ideal for home use.Changing the blade cartridge on your X-acto rotary paper cutter is an easy process because of our patented protected blade changing system.

Depending on if you are left or right-handed, you can remove either side blade to provide you with the best position for cutting.To do this, remove the screw that houses the laser mechanism.

This will then create a V cut.The X-acto guillotine style paper trimmer is an essential tool for hobbyists, craft artists, photographers or anyone needing to make multiple precision cuts for a perfectly straight edge every time.

Next, pull the cutter gently toward you.Our frequently asked questions feature video solutions and how-to instructions to help you use our precision cutting products.It claims to do 15, but I recommend 12 as a better maximum.