How to wrap shirts in tissue paper

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Peter took it without a word. Her complete astonishment apparently warned the vendor of drugs of his mistake. Want a softer, more classic look for your gift wrapping during the holiday season? This time it was a small package, wrapped in tissue paper and tied with ribbon. Unwrapping it, he dropped into my hand a chip of pure soft gold, the size of a ten-dollar gold-piece. She held out to him a little packet wrapped in tissue-paper. Tissue paper, clear tape, scissors, ribbon, determine what kinds of gifts tissue paper would make a good wrapping for. More customers, among them a tall spare man with an upstanding bush of gray hair. He came back to the window, put his hand in his pocket, and drew out the packet wrapped in tissue-paper. Cited from The Keeper of the Door, by Ethel. Give the loose ribbon ends curl by firmly holding the ribbon flat against the edge of a knife and dragging the knife along the ribbon. Use a candy wrapper style of wrapping for oddly-shaped gifts or for cloth gifts. Mavis undid this, to find Amelia's offering to consist of a silver brooch forming the word "May." Cited from Sparrows, by Horace.C. Cited from The Lost Lady of Lone,.D.E.N. She drew from her pocket a long object which was carefully wrapped in tissue-paper. Gift bags are a great convenience, but they can paper take some of the fun out of the process of unwrapping. When unrolled, it proved to be a small figure of a cadet, done in silver and gold. Cited from Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan, by Lafcadio Hearn. Want to buy a wrapping paper that can be used year-round and double as a craft supply?

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Made of black ebony, better yet, anzeige. In it was a flute, with sparkling silver keys, the Ghost paper popcorn co Finder. Set with a large solitaire diamond. Salome unrolled it and found a ring. Anzeige, again she dipped in the drawer. Decorate the wrapped box with a stickon bow.

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And pulled out something wrapped in tissue paper. A small portion of the stems will be wrapped. It costs only two cents, cited from The Misses Mallett, s Sheaves. This he carefully removed and the girl watched with fascinated gaze. Carnacki felt in his pocket, youapos, removing black a box. Then brought forth a package nicely wrapped in tissue paper. It instantly unrolls and expands into the likeness of a lotusflower. Henrietta, youapos, and with an awful sense of apprehension.

He had a potted plant in his arms, wrapped in tissue paper.Wrap a rectangular gift (or boxed gift) as you would wrap it with traditional paper.

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No, he could hardly be uncertain as to the meaning of that letter.She went to the drawer of the dresser and brought out something wrapped in tissue paper.In the breast pocket of his uniform was a paper stating that Quinby Graham was thereby honorably discharged from the.S.A.

Cited from The Tin Soldier, by Temple Bailey.He put the handkerchief away, and then from another pocket produced a second handkerchief, also wrapped in tissue paper.Cited from Shallow Soil, by Knut Hamsun.

From his pocket he drew and opened a leather case, from which he took an object wrapped in tissue-paper.Inside, wrapped in tissue paper, are bundles of little pale sticks, like round match-sticks, with pink ends.

One of the nurses picked it up and handed it to Salome.Cited from The Clue of the Twisted Candles, by Edgar Wallace.