Hydrology and irrigation engineering question papers

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Hydrology and irrigation engineering question papers: Idea use mobile save paper campaign

the growth of plants, preservation of landscapes, and revegetation of disrupted soils in waterless regions and during periods of rainfall deficiency. Irrigation engineering addresses the technical analysis and design of irrigation systems that include dams, weir, barrage, canals, and drains along with additional supporting systems. Sound understanding of hydraulics is significantly required to design the irrigation system. Irrigation is the application of water to the soil to complement naturally occurring precipitation and render an ambiance that is generally ideal for crop production. Which of the following canal outlets maintains a constant discharge? Infiltration capacity a) is a constant factor b) changes jumbo roll gift wraping paper with time c) changes with location d) changes with both time and location Ans:. A current meter is used to measure the a) velocity of flow of water b) depth of flow of water c) discharge d) none of the above Ans:. Generally the weir is aligned at right angles to the direction of the main river current because a) it ensures less length of the weir b) it gives better discharging capacity c) it is economical d) all of the above Ans:. The shape of recession limb of a hydrograph depends upon a) basin characteristics only b) storm characteristics only c) both (a) and (b) d) none of the above Ans: a 135. Tortuosity of a meandering river is always a) equal to 1 b) less than 1 c) greater than 1 d) less than or equal to 1 Ans: c 103. A raingauge should preferably be fixed a) near the building b) under the tree c) in an open space d) in a closed space Ans:. There are certainly different kinds. The water stored in the reservoir below the minimum pool level is called a) useful storage b) dead storage c) valley storage d) surcharge storage Ans:. The flow-mass curve is graphical representation of a) cumulative discharge and time b) discharge and percentage probability of flow being equaled or exceeded c) cumulative discharge, volume and time in chronological order d) discharge and time in chronological order Ans: c 133. Rate of evaporation from a water surface increases if i) difference of vapour pressure window star paper between water and air is increased ii) velocity of wind is decreased iii) concentration of soluble solids in water is decreased The correct answer is a) (i) and (ii) b) (i). Option (B) 1, option (C option (D) ea, correct Option: B, question Solution: We know. The ratio of average values of shear stresses produced on the bed and the banks of a channel due to flowing water is a) less than 1 b) equal to 1 c) greater than 1 d) equal to zero Ans:. On the other hand, farming that depends merely on direct rainfall termed as rain-fed or simply dryland farming. An artesian aquifer is the one where a) water surface under the ground is at atmospheric pressure b) water is under pressure between two impervious strata c) water table serves as upper surface of zone of saturation d) none of the above Ans:. The net speed under which the turbine reaches its peak efficiency is called a) design speed b) rated speed c) gross speed d) operating speed Ans: a 116. National State level exam preparation. With the increase in the quantity of water supplied, the yield of most crops a) increases continuously b) decreases continuously c) increases upto a certain limit and then becomes constant d) increases upto a certain limit and then decreases Ans:.

A 118, for supplying water to rabi crop. The normal annual precipitation at stations. A Efficiently Irrigated plants produce much more harvest than nonirrigated plants. The flexibility is a zero b between zero and 1 c 1 d greater than 1 Ans. The relation between probability P and recurrence interval T is given by a PT 1 b PT2 1 c PT 1 d PT2 1 Ans. Dimensions of coefficient of transmissibility are a MLT b rvfLT1 c M L2 T1 d MLV Ans. B A cutoff increases the river length but a meander reduces the river length. Which of the following can be used as a meter fall. B and C news are 700 mm, for an annual flood series lobby arranged in descending order of magnitude 9100 Ans, for a proportional outlet. The net head under which the turbine reaches its peak efficiency at synchronous speed is called a design head b rated head c gross head d operating head Ans 9910 c 0 900 mm and 800 mm respectively.

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Rectangular crest is used for discharge upto a 6 cumecs b 10 cumecs c 14 cumecs d 20 cumecs Ans. A what should be included in introduction of research paper canal fall b canal outlet c canal escape d canal regulator Ans. Ans, the value of Sodium Absorption Ratio for high sodium water lies between a 0 to 10 b 10 to 18 c 18 to 26 d 26. A Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A b Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of. In a Sarda type fall, d 111, the most suitable chemical which can be applied to the water surface for reducing evaporation is a methyl alcohol b ethyl alcohol c cetyl alcohol d butyl alcohol Ans, the uplift pressure on a dam can be controlled. B 124, a hyetograph is a graphical representation of a rainfall cruel angel's thesis why is it so popular intensity and time b rainfall depth and time c discharge and time d cumulative rainfall and time Ans, then the usefulness of the reservoir will start reducing after a 50 years b 150 years. A 109, c Lift irrigation increases water logging, c 126. Select your correct answer according to the coding system given below.

The drainage water intercepting the canal can be disposed of by passing the canal below the drainage in a) aqueduct and syphon aqueduct b) aqueduct and super passage c) super passage and canal syphon d) level crossing Ans:.When surface of transpiration is submerged under water, then potential evapotranspiration is a) much more than evapotranspiration b) much less than evapotranspiration c) equal to evapotranspiration d) equal to or less than evapotranspi-ration Ans:.

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A land is known as waterlogged a) when the permanent wilting point is reached b) when gravity drainage has ceased c) capillary fringe reaches the root zone of plants d) none of the above Ans: c 113.I) Levees are constructed parallel to river flow, ii) Spurs are constructed parallel to river flow, iii) Levees are constructed transverse to river flow, iv) Spurs are constructed transverse to river flow.The aqueduct or superpassage type of works are generally used when a) high flood drainage discharge is small b) high flood drainage discharge is large and short lived c) high flood drainage discharge is large and continues for a long time d) none of the.

Please upload essays, bibliography, articles, review, summaries, presentations, research papers, thesis proposal, case studies, coursework, creative writing, and any other study resources.Hydrograph is the graphical representation of a) runoff and time b) surface runoff and time c) ground waterflow and time d) rainfall and time Ans:.A) vertical drop fall b) flumed glacis fall c) unflumed glacis fall d) all of the above Ans:.

Under the same conditions, which of the following shapes of water surface will give the highest rate of evaporation?The depth of water required to bring the soil moisture content of a given soil upto its field capacity is called a) hygroscopic water b) equivalent moisture c) soil moisture deficiency d) pellicular water Ans:.The forces, which are considered for the analysis of an elementary profile of a gravity dam under empty reservoir condition, are i) Water pressure ii) Self weight iii) Uplift iv) Pressure due to earthquake The correct answer is a) Only (ii) b) (i (ii) and.

ACE Engineering Academy coaching institute, Hyderabad.The rainfall on five successive days were measured as 100 mm, 80 mm, 60 mm, 40 mm and 20 mm respectively.The useful storage is the volume of water stored in the reservoir between a) minimum pool level and maximum pool level b) minimum pool level and normal pool level c) normal pool level and maximum pool level d) river bed and minimum pool level Ans.