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are unable to document a lengthy investment thesis. The Nook, which currently is jumbled into both the Retail segment as well as the B m segment. A good example is gold, says James Holtzman, a shareholder at Legend Financial Advisors in Pittsburgh. Example of Using an Investment Thesis. We do not think it was a coincidence that only 4 months after the Liberty investment the company announced their intention to monetize a portion of the Nook business. As a reference point, BBY, another secularly challenged retailer, trades.0x ebitda. A key industry dynamic that is critical to understand is that the publishers despise amzn because of their attempt to cause eBook price deflation while also trying to dis-intermediate the publishers with their own in-house publishing effort. Most investment theses are in written form, and can be used to look back and analyze why a particular decision was made in the first place - and if it was the right one. However, the recent popularity of dividend stocks causes some market pundits to wonder if theyre currently overvalued. The Retail bookstores could decline faster than we expect and our DCF value could be optimistic. This arrives at an equity value.7 b or 37/share after fully-diluting the shares outstanding to 72 mm due to the Liberty Media convertible preferred. Many investors believe the sale of College bookstores to BKS was not done on an arms-length basis. We are not concerned about this risk given Libertys involvement on the board. You want to analyze management, really understand whats driving the company and where growth is coming from, Heyman says. John Malone via Liberty Media has a 200 mm convertible preferred that they completed in the Fall of 2011 that converts to 16 of the fully diluted shares at 17/share. Long Barnes Noble (BKS). He made what must have been an excruciatingly hard decision to take all the cash flow the bookstores generated for the last 2 years and invest it in the Nook start-up which will speed up the disintermediation of his core bookstore business. According to current practice portfolio theory, you can optimize a blend of styles for diversification, balancing reward and risk. Len Riggio is the founder of BKS and owns 30 of the shares out. The best managers use both fundamentals and technicals, he says. The publishers will be doing everything possible to ensure that BKS is a healthy competitor that can serve as a governor on amzns potential to destroy the traditional publishing business. At make that point, he intends to sell at a profit. An investment thesis helps investors evaluate investment ideas, ideally guiding them in selecting the best ideas that can help meet their investment objectives.

13rd of the ebitda of the bookstores comes from the College Bookstore business which is NOT dying but rather is a stable business that does not face hw fisher portal the same secular headwinds the Retail bookstores have. The what can i write my dissertation on key catalyst is the monetization of the Nook. Not unlike engineering and medicine, which tend to outperform when the economy is strong. Such as industrial and high technology. The contrarian style generally rewards investors.

A sound investment thesis can be a foundation for a profitable portfolio.Investopedia explains Investment, thesis.

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The bookstores are quite profitable, says Chris Geczy, director of The Wharton Schools wealth management program at the University of Pennsylvania. The hedge fundapos, average Daily Volume, whose value will be illuminated through a partial sale of that business segment in 2012. We run a DCF of the Retail bookstores that assumes a hard rundown of the business and come to a valuation of 780 mm which. Business Description, janaapos 1 the 700 Retail bookstores that carry the Barnes Noble brand name 2 the college bookstore business which operates campus bookstores at 640 different colleges and 3 the Nook eReader platform which sells the devices and digital content. Variant View, such as global macro perspectives, that doesnt guarantee theyll choose the right investments.

That strikes us as a particularly asymmetric risk/reward.The great advantage of top-down is that youre looking at the forest rather than the trees, says Mick Heyman, an independent financial adviser in San Diego.He decides that he should not sell, but rather continue to rely on his original analysis and hold the stock.

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We think.0x sales is conservative if it were to trade to a strategic or be IPOd.However, due to the liquidation of Borders and downsizing of selling square feet for physical books at WalMart and Target, actual SSS will be positive 1 in FY12 and flat in FY13.

We expect to see more SoP analysis from the sell side following this disclosure.They made an offer to buy BKS at 17 in May 2011 that we believe was pulled due to the credit markets falling apart that summer.The criteria that mutual fund managers use to select their assets vary widely according to the individual manager.

Just as markets ever evolve, so too are the ideas and strategies investment professional believe are best suited to take advantage of growth and value creation opportunities.You can have a period of time where the market moves on technicals, Holtzman says.There are 17 mm shares sold short which is 29 of the shares outstanding.

3 of the big 5 publishers which represent 30 of trade books have agreed to it, while Apple and the other publishers are going to fight it out However, the conclusion that amzn will pursue a scorched earth pricing strategy and successfully destroy the competition.If for whatever reason the Nook failed and was shut down you would still have the profitable bookstores.Most managers emphasize fundamental analysis, because they want to understand what will drive growth.