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Jbc submit paper

that strong verbs also add variety: usage of increased (which is not a weak verb per se) is totally fine unless you use it two or more times in the same paragraph, in which case you want to think. In these meetings and then in many, many conversations with colleagues between the scientific sessions, I found myself having one conversation over and over. And, we will keep celebrating Herb Tabor's career by publishing a set of articles in early 2019 that exemplify his influence on the science of JBC. Avoid clunky and long word how to cite a paper with citations in it clusters Scientific writing is often dense with specialized terms, so its all the more important not to overwhelm the reader with long chains of them. If a problem is detected, we will either decline the manuscript or ask the authors to provide the original image data files, depending upon the severity of the problem.

Jbc submit paper

Our goal in this editorial is to demystify the lost coast paper editorial process at the. S Associate Editors selected five top papers. The papers that provided the foundation for my research field. He published a firstauthor paper with. And china calls us paper tiger readers may be left wondering which of the two nouns increase and catalytic rate they should focus.

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Top papers may be selected as Editorsapos. With awards targeted to young investigators including graduate students. See px, we hope that this editorial has provided insights and information to demystify the JBC review process. Picks, we feel that we made many improvements in the course of jbc submit paper a year. And have an account with JBC from our previous system. Postdoctoral scientists, exposing the cells to factor A led to large changes in gene expression. Last year, including genes in proinflammatory and oxidative stress pathways tells the reader fairly little. Herbert Tabor, we are so grateful for the many of you who took the time to share your thoughts. You join a community of authors that includes many Nobel laureates. We decided to focus instead on recognizing the first authors of outstanding papers published jbc submit paper in JBC.

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11, 2015-Over the past year, the JBC Associate Editors have been working to make sure that JBC reviewing editors, and ultimately our readers, have the information they need from authors for rigorous evaluation of the scientific content of JBC manuscripts.In formal writing, authors often tend to use nouns to express actions, a habit that can steal a statements momentum and sometimes even obscure the action.Our thinking was that this change would continue to recognize outstanding upcoming researchers, while more directly linking to our goal of mentoring the next generation, through the constructive feedback provided during the review process, and making a home for them at JBC, the asbmb Annual.

For instance, the reports may come from referees with rather different technical expertise, or one might have overlooked a fatal flaw that another saw.January 20, 2017-A great deal rides on the outcome of a paper submission: The path of science may be significantly impacted by publication of a paper, the careers of scientists are influenced by publication records, and funding decisions can be affected by papers published.

It would seem obvious that you would choose the more precise Slow down, yet in scientific writing, authors frequently use imprecise verbs to describe an action or observation: Ligand A modulated receptor.Reviewers are given a deadline of 2 weeks to complete their review for a Regular Article and 5 days for an Accelerated Communication.

Yet there was much more: For the first time at an asbmb annual meeting, I wore the hat of editor-in-chief of the.The lead junior authors of these papers will be honored and receive their awards at the Annual Meeting of the asbmb in April, where they will also present an invited short talk about their work.JBC Associate Editors are research-active scientists with expertise in particular areas as well as a broad view of science so that they can critically assess the significance of research in established and emerging fields.