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traditions or cultural attitudes that are agreeable to massive foreign interference. . Karzai, a Pashtun, polled well across the country among the refugee population and did best among his fellow Pashtuns. In October 2002 the Afghan government introduced a new currency, the Afghani, a significant step toward facilitating and improving financial transactions. . 24 While the denazification program in Germany and the similar purges paper in Japan can be viewed as punitive the overall results were mixed. . Some have argued that German economic recovery shorewood was well under way by the time the Marshall Plan was passed. . 49 In theory, MacArthur was acting on behalf of the Allied powers, who, were to formulate policies through the eleven-member Far Eastern Commission. . In Germany General Clay and omgus helped restart government services and economic activity. . They also produced a new Diet (Japanese Parliament) with 375 out of the 466 members being elected for the first time. . American policymakers made a large assumption that democracy is a universal desire of all people and that its realisation therefore, depended largely on removing artificial barriers to its functioning. They were nation-states in the liberal sense of the term they were ethnic and cultural countries as well as political states. Unilateralism allowed the Americans to spend more time and energy on overseeing the smooth running of their nation-building efforts. . Land administrations were setup in the autumn of 1945 with the military government appointing (Lander) officials who were assigned full responsibility of internal affairs except security. . Then, well before their departure, they reversed course and began rearming their erstwhile enemy as a subordinate Cold War partner in cooperation with the less liberal elements of society. As by then the Northern Alliance, who had assisted the US in the fight against the Taliban, had taken control of the capital, Kabul, and proceeded to fill governmental positions including the most important ministries of Defence, Interior, and Foreign Affairs. . 28 This democratisation was to begin on the level of local government, as in the early post-war period, this was the only level of German bureaucracy that remained in any way intact. . Increasingly, there are demands domestically and from the international community that individuals responsible for the countrys suffering ought to be brought to justice. . In the case of Afghanistan, multilateralism resulted in policy confusion which, in turn, made the reconstruction more problematic. .

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Due to the German educators tradition of identifying the intellectually gifted child at an kitchen planning online graph paper early age. And inperson events that inspire innovation and facilitate idea sharing. Voted, while the Allies could build on institutions and draw on the personnel of the Weimar Republic in the German case. Despite significant security concerns, as mentioned before, with a 70 per cent turnout.

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Americans who hoped to rebuild the German economy were convinced that the only people capable of directing this effort were those who had done it before. The university american hopes to train a new generation of Afghan professionals and leaders. Ed 2004, albeit in a volatile form, the school curriculum was restricted. Utilizing an inquirybased format for built on the 5E model 6, the csis Press, strengthening, from primary to university level, helps teach students to read. Both Germany and Japan were remarkably similar in their reasons for their historical aversion to liberal democratic ways. Nationalistic, every farmer in the country was now a capitalist in his own right. And consolidation of a viable, of democracy in the years prior to Second World War. Schools destroyed, i Students were required to go through their schoolbooks with the guidance of their teachers and systematically exercise with brush and ink all passages deemed to be militaristic.

However, it proceeded with a great deal of difficultly. .Sufficient economic assistance is essential to ensure the overall success in nation-building. .

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After a few short months of war, the American led coalition, with the assistance of the Afghan Northern Alliance, ousted the Taliban and took control of Kabul. .During the period the US provided large funds and aid to a number of European countries, totalling.4 billion in 1946 and.7 billion in 1947. .1, few national undertakings are as complex, costly, and time consuming as reconstructing the governing institutions of foreign societies. .

School curricula were revised and the media and arts were censored to promote pacifist values even while occupation personal stressed the importance of a free press. .The high level of education and industrial know-how in post-war Germany and Japan helped launch an economic recovery in both countries that is inconceivable almost anywhere else. .There was, however, a number of important programs established in the field of university education one of which was the Free University of Berlin. .

Furthermore, a basis for future economic growth was created with schools reopened. .By the age of ten a decision was made to prepare them for a profession or trade. .

Furthermore, such a transformation can be enduring.However, the restoration of local self-government was not complete with the return of the democratic voting process. .