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risk premia and the cost of active fiscal policy. According to new oecd research, assigning more ownsource revenue to sub-national governments dampens regional GDP disparities and underpins regional convergence. Sluggish productivity growth over the past two decades raises the question of how to develop better skills and use them more efficiently to achieve stronger and more inclusive growth. Effects of Pro-Growth Policies on the Economic Stability of Firms, Workers and Households by Boris Cournède, Paula Garda and Peter Hoeller. Many growth enhancing structural reforms are found to deliver stronger income gains for households at the lower end of the distribution compared with the average household, an indication that they may reduce inequality in disposable incomes. Public Spending on Health and Long-term Care by Christine de la Maisonneuve, Joaquim Oliveira Martins Differences in health and long-term care spending emerge across oecd countries partly reflecting differing demographic trends as well as initial levels of income and informal long-term care supply. David Haugh, Alexandre Kopoin, Elena Rusticelli, David Turner and Richard Dutu. Across the oecd, GDP per capita is converging. Home, papers, oECD oecd papers Journal: General Papers, discontinued. Regional Development, regional Development Working Papers, science, technology and industry Digital Economy Papers oecd papers oecd Science, Technology and Industry Policy Papers Science, Technology and Industry Working Papers Social Social, Employment and Migration Working Papers Statistics Statistics Working Papers Taxation Fiscal Federalism Working Papers Taxation Working Papers. As with earlier episodes of financial crises, countries that were severely hit via their external account during the global financial crisis had for the most part previously seen a substantial run-up in the share of debt in total external liabilities. The level of earnings and the degree of economic stability both matter for well-being.

Movement from less to more productive processes and firms african is at the heart of economic growth. Which proposal suggests possible tradeoffs between growth and microlevel stability. Health care and unemployment schemes, aida CalderaSánchez, as well as the United States and the United Kingdom. Email this Page, does Fiscal Decentralisation Foster Regional Convergence. Sigma Country Assessment Reports, vulnerability of Social Institutions by Falilou Fall. Sigma Papers, jon Pareliussen and Debbie Bloch, future generations will pay a high price if we fail to reform pension. Myoec" sort byDateTitle, in the top right of the oecd Homepage at http www. Mauro Pisu, subscribe to the RSS feed, subscribe to the RSS feed.

There are both structural and cyclical reasons paper for the slowdown. OecdIEA Climate Change Expert Group Papers. Japan, both of which are trade how intensive. Future growth will need to come increasingly from productivity gains.

Under "Newsletters select "oecd Health Working Papers" (the second page of the registration process).The Role of National Ecosystem Assessments in Influencing Policy Making.

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Education, cELE Exchange (Centre for Effective Learning Environments) (Discontinued education Indicators in Focus, education Working Papers.Register with Myoecd or log in to Myoecd if you already have an account.Oecd Development Co-operation Working Papers, development Centre Working Papers, economics.

Boris Cournède, Oliver Denk, Paula Garda, Peter Hoeller.By Boris Cournède, Oliver Denk and Peter Hoeller.

Social institutions will be tested in the coming years by ageing and slowing growth that threaten their sustainability and the adequacy of their deliveries, undermining the risk sharing that social institutions provide.Dan Andrews, Muge Adalet McGowan and, Valentine Millot.Teaching in Focus, employment, jobs Study Working Papers (discontinued labour Market and Social Policy Occasional Papers (discontinued local Economic and Employment Development (leed) Working Papers.

Strengthening Economic Resilience: Insights from the Post-1970 Record of Severe Recessions and Financial Crises.As its workforce ages and major economies shift towards producing higher value-added goods and services, New Zealand will face increasing challenges to remain globally competitive and maintain high living standards.This means that you will no longer be able to customize the oecd web site to your interests or receive any email alerts from the oecd.