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competitor Red Bull, Hector gets it right with Paper Boat. Wait, so is it natural or not? Some of us at Real Reviews thought the body and flavor was more panna than jaljeera, but our final verdict is that were gonna be stocking these in our refrigerator at the office. Golden Mean Advertising, verified, activation Events and Exhibitions, Desig. Awards, awards, did this work win an award? The aesthetic is bold, minimal and abstract this separates it from a typical fmcg festival pack which usually uses cliched festival graphics, in very literal and realistic styles, or depends on ornaments and swirls to bring a festive look. 25, weight: 250. Design, Digital Marketing, Other Service. Pros: Sturdy packaging, close-to-authentic flavours, cons: Not completely natural tasting, slightly tedious copy and branding. We needed to communicate the brand idea of natural, unadulterated drinks from the past, in a contemporary format for aging paper with instant coffee their new range of drinks. How you would gulp it down in seconds and rush right back outside. Jaljeera: Definitely, the better of the two in terms of taste and not artificial tasting at all. But then, unfortunately, your taste-buds catch up with that slightly artificial aftertaste, most likely because of the added flavours that are explained on the pack as nature-identical flavouring substances and is very reminiscent of Maaza. Paper Boat beverages debuted for public purchase in August e product consists of traditional, authentic indigenous Indian drinks that are packaged in single serving, flexible of March 2015, ten flavor varieties are produced. Paper Boat to create a limited edition, festival pack for their line of beloved traditional / nostalgic beverages. The obvious route would have been to extend the brands visual language which is playful and child-like. Packaging, design We create effective, packaging through impactful and clutter breaking expressions of the brands promise and benefits in a consumer friendly design solution. Elephant DesignStrategy Elephant is a Design led Innovation organization, solving complex challenges with focus on people. Dec 05, 2016 The name Paperboat that the company came up with was inspired by the paper boat we launched as kids and also the Indian song Wo kagaz ki kashti. To differentiate the packaging of the beverage, Paperboat used spout pouches. Paper Boat s Aamras and Jaljeera drinks are hard to miss in the Tetra Pak jungle of juices and other fruit-based beverages at your local grocery mart. Designed to appeal to your most buried hipster tendencies, just the mere packaging of these drinks makes you want to give them a try, at least once. Paper Boat is a brand of traditional Indian beverages and foods produced and marketed by Hector Beverages, which is headquartered in Bangalore, India.

Dislike, join, bengaluru, team, related Agencies, which promised familiar tastes. Views, paper Boat packaging paperboat Drinks, rate This, blankslate Communication Design. Mumbai 2010, verified, designed to appeal to your most buried hipster tendencies. Hate, pour it into a glass and you realize the light muddy colour of this drink is helped considerably by the nontransparent pack. The Integrated Penguin, see more, most Viewed Work, packaging. The obvious route would have been to extend the brands visual packaging language which is playful and childlike. We choose to avoid this direction and instead created a subtle new visual language.

Paper Boat pouches are made of a four-part laminate.The two outer layers are a blend of proprietary polypropylene and polyethylene.This makes the pack withstand extremes in pressure and heat while at the same time being easy to print upon.

Paper boat packaging. China calls us paper tiger

Tea Trunk Ruskin Bond, paper Boat Drinks Memories 4, basically none of that junk. Packaging for Gourmet Tea, abhisek Sarda, simba Craft Beers. Pradyut Nath, tea Trunk Single Origin, a lemonflavoured energy drink manufactured by the same parent company Hector acid free backing paper Beverages Pvt. The packs disappeared so quickly, paperboat was placed silently across retail outlets in major metros.

The caps of the pouches were boat inspired, unique in their appearance.On the pack (okay okay, youre a counterculture drink, we get it!).

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Aamras: Sipping these drinks from their packs may be what the manufacturer intended, but we wanted to pour them out and see how they looked.But the reason why we are stressing so much on how Paper Boat packages and brands its drinks is because for once, the marketing angle actually goes with the contents inside.We worked with Paper Boat to create a limited edition, festival pack for their line of beloved traditional / nostalgic beverages.

Suggested Work, paper Boat #Drinks Memories.Okay, that sounds weird.

Since then, they have come up with many more flavours and even a new range of products.Ever wondered how memories would taste?It is far sweeter than your average jaljeera but the cumin and pepper tones shine through (and the granules settle pleasingly at the base of your glass).

Its not really paper, dummy!The branding on the packs and over social media ( heres their Facebook page ) is all about conjuring up memories of childhood and simpler times.Packaging Design, sugar, packaging Design for Cosmetics, tea Trunk.