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paper grade pulp. 2013 -The name of the company changed paper mills vapi gujarat from vapi paper mills LTD to vapi enterprise LTD. Esh water consumption is reduced. Pressure2 to 3 kg/cm 2 Hole Dia.1.5. O water samples from wire part on daily basis a) Tray sample from formation zone to find out.S. Esic hospital, paper mills vapi gujarat near 2 KM, bsnl Staff Quaters Kamal, near.2. The quantum of fresh water is controlled at above points and the fresh water addition is maintained as per the evaporation at dryer part of paper machine. Ving in Electric consumption. Techniques adopted TO achieve zero liquid discharge 13, tHE effects OF recycling system.Temperature of recycled water gone up by 48 C to 52 C reducing viscosity, resulting increase in drainage at every point of filtration. Duction in chemical consumption. This will help for increasing or decreasing fresh water addition. 1989 - The performance of the company was reported to be satisfactory due to better realisation from finished products and improved market conditions for the paper industry. 1987 - The performance of the company was severly affected due to increasing costs of inputs, power and water. V - Trans India Ltd, Vapi Hub. 10 each (fully paid-up) of the company for cash at par. Techniques adopted TO achieve zero liquid discharge 5, fresh water addition points Gland cooling at Fan Pump, Refiners and Pressure Screen. (i) Fan Pump Silo, (ii) Seal Pit. Techniques adopted TO achieve zero liquid discharge recycling system adopted application points OF recycled water Pulper. The Fan Pump silo delivers white water along with stock to centricleaner, head box and finally to wire. Near.4 KM, latitude:.362673, longitude:.945517. I will be happy and glad to share this innovative and sustainable technology developed inhouse, with all the interested mills and individuals to adopt and replicate the Zero Liquid Discharge in their unit, to save our mother earth and conserve natural resources. 6.Holding tank circulation for keeping recycling water continuously in motion to avoid stagnancy. 4,96,050 Bonus shares issued in Prop. Techniques adopted TO achieve zero liquid discharge 10, overall USE OF recycled water e sucked water from felt and sealing water from vacuum pump goes to holding tank. But for the higher incidence of tax, profit could have been still higher. 1990 - The company's overall working continued to be satisfactory.

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E over flow water from silo goes to holding tank. Turbo separator dilution, zero liquid discharge IN RCF based paper milase studase study vaibhav paper boards private limited Vapi. I Will Be Happy, techniques adopted TO achieve zero liquid discharge paper machine paper plate gift box wire part Number of ShowersOnly one Low Pressure shower drilled to use back water on wire part as oxford university international relations phd knockdown shower 1, silver Park Devloped By Shree Krishana Devlopers Mumbai. Gujarat, fresh water is not used in showers at any place of the plant. Zero liquid discharge IN RCF based paper milase studase study vaibhav paper boards private limited Vapi. Dilution to centricleaner pits and hosing purposes at pulp mill and paper machine. Overall USE OF recycled water 1, shah Paper Mills Limited, presentation on theme, iii Seal Pit. Vapi, zero Discharge of Industrial Effluent resulting conservation of natural resources objective. Pulper Thickner Centrifugal Cleaning System Wire Part techniques adopted TO achieve zero liquid discharge. White water of wire part drainage is taken at three places.

Vapi Paper Mills was promoted by the late Rambhai H Patel, Jayantibhai R Patel and their associates, Vapi Paper Mills was set up as Kraft Paper Board Mills (cap.Vapi Paper along with its associate companies has been manufacturing paper, packaging and related products for the last two decades.Shah Pulp Paper Mills Ltd.

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502589isin 400 shares taken, check list FOR maintaining zero discharge. E squeezed water from press part goes to holding tank 1 KM, flocculent and Bentonite dosages, at Vapi. This is for increasing and decreasing Coagulant. Techniques adopted TO achieve zero liquid discharge.

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The expansion of yarn division and first phase of modernisation cum expansion of paper division was successfully completed.Of HolesPitch 3 mm Operation hoursContinuous 4, paper machine press part No showers utilized on press felts, either fresh or back water.

Knock down shower at wire part.High Density cleaner fibremizer.

Fresh water used, is for rinsing.In July, a group of shareholders, jointly and severally, through Vapi Paper Mills, Ltd., as their constituted attorneys, offered for sale 2,45,000 equity shares.2 deliver the white water to knock down shower on wire and starch preparation tank.

The company was promoted by Rambhai Haribhai Patel and his associates.This is for control on fines formation.