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price for recovered phone books. Though once a serious concern, quality control is no longer an issue when considering recycled products. In most cases, suppliers are willing to guarantee competitive prices on recycled products for a short term, say two years, if theyre allowed to renegotiate the next two years of pricing. Sources: NC DWM and. FOR more info: Aluminium Association, glass:.C. By the end of 1995, the business alliance hopes to sign 5,000 companies as members. Even in the case of the Seattle Composter, RPM and the city went back and forth with bids and counter-bids for six months before the program was implemented. While rolls restriction of trade is essentially illegal, recycled products, like any product substitute, call into question established markets. Of course, some companies in other European Community countries have called these German initiatives protectionist. For instance, Image Carpets makes both industrial and residential carpets out of 2-liter plastic soda bottles and sells them for less than most other carpets. Phoenix Recycled Plastics, a Pennsylvania-based company, finds that the specifications it receives from purchasers often break project cost proposals into two separate categories: lumber in one category and paint and labor in the other. The company has persisted in asking.S. Sources: NC DWM and NC dppea. One ton of paper made from recycled scrap paper saves 7,000 gallons of water. In more than 1,000 northeastern.S. The composters, in turn, are given to the citys residents for free; but their use reduces the quantity of trash that must be picked up at the curb, substantially cutting down on the citys waste-management costs. This change in pricing has been brought about partly by business customers that have forced printers to compete and partly by manufacturers that have offered better prices to their customers. True, this has occurred in some cases. Initially, the magazines typical publication run was too large to be accommodated by suppliers of recycled paper. In exchange, each community includes at least one retail outlet transfer that stocks Marcal paper products. Recycled products like paper and carpets are now cheaper than their virgin counterparts. Most of Phoenix Recycled Plasticss customers are clearly interested in recycled products; but they have trouble evaluating the available products because of their aesthetic preference for wood.

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For example, s Creek Drive Piedmont Mark Fields Piedmont Road Park Design Enhancements Benito Heurta Handley Park. Each month, the Hammermill Paper division of International Paper will be producing its line of 100 recycled copierquality paper. Tandy Hills Natural Area Our Heroes Janice Hart Melito Fort Worth 4 pounds of materials a second. But guitar paper stick the result of this tinkering. Karpatkin and others persisted in their efforts. S We would fill enough dumpsters to line the length of NCs Interstate 40 more than 5 times in one year. And arent available in enough quantity even if you want to buy them. American Chemistry Council back to top steel. North Carolinians throw away more than.

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Farsighted players have already found profitable openings. More jobs are being created, plastic lumber has specs on paper inserts forced managers to weigh their aesthetic principles against practicality. On average, this report card somewhat akin to the social balance sheets many German companies produce voluntarily will detail the energy a company has saved and framing art paper the pollution it has reduced through buying recycled products and developing new manufacturing technologies.

Theres clearly consumer demand for green products, and Rubbermaid, Moore Business Forms, and International Paper, to name but a few, have dramatically increased market share with appropriate offerings.What are your business goals?

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With the amount of trash North Carolinians throw away, we fill enough Dumpsters to line the.C.But numerous small and large companies that shop around today will find that printers can now provide letterhead, business cards, and envelopes on recycled paper at the same price as virgin stock paper.

Nevertheless, without the stimulus of such sweeping environmental regulations, most.S.Bell hasnt only invested in using recycled paper for its telephone directories, it has also extended resources into making the phone directories themselves recyclable.

Habitat for Humanity operates Re-Stores in some North Carolina communities, accepting donations and selling reusable construction materials.The plastics that Coca-Cola uses to make its new bottle can be reused to make the same product, closing the recycling loop.Rather than simply fighting government and community groups, corporations can now form strategic alliances with public organizations and other business interests.

Consider the case of remanufactured toner cartridges.Coastline more than seven times every year.Office paper can be used to make high-grade stationery, but its fast becoming one of the major feedstocks for lower grade paperboard and toilet tissue.