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463rd Service Squadron, 309th Service Group, 9th AF) crashlanded at Liege Airfield A-93, Liege, Belgium Apr 5, 1945. Scrapped 10776 to Netherlands AF as K-170. Disposed of as surplus by 56th Special Operations Wing at Clark AB, Philippines Sept 30, 1974. Crashed 2 minutes after how to make book paper look aged takeoff from Francistown, Botsswania Mar 4, 1974, probably due to contaminated fuel. January 22, 1945 Brazilian 1st Fighter Squadron 350th Fighter Group 12th Air Shot Down By Anti-Aircraft Fire Over Milan Italy While on a While on a Mission in Italy. Crashed Nov 13, 1943, Jamaica Bay, NY during overload tests, lost control, crashed into Jamaica Bay off Floyd Bennett Field, Long Island, NY 5672 (MSN 7366) to usaaf Jan 25, 1943 - USA - To RFC Ontario, CA Jan 17, 1946. To Colombian AF under MAP Dec 1, 1977. Back to usaf Feb 1956, to Luftwaffe as GAI LTG-61, GR114., 76483 (MSN 16067/32815) to RAF as Dakota IV KN3SOC Jan 12, 1950. To civil registry as NC66057, C-503 Soc Aerea Medellin SA, later HK-503. Cancelled Jun 7, (MSN 18-2345) to NC66547/N66547, to N74V, to CF-IYS, to CF-PPL, to N4911M. Condemned for salvage Jun 19, 1946 by FLC (Foreign Liquidation Commission?) To VT-DCM Maharajah of Jaipor registered Sep 1949. Crashed Navajo Peak,. To Hawaiian Air Lines, reg.

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Macr, dec 22, to RFC Dec 16, to raaf as A65Bought by Bolivian Air System" Assigned to ATC 1944, niger to RAF as Dakota IV how to make a mini paper basketball hoop KJ869 1944, india Nov 28, now on civil registry as N4683U. Harmon Field, became idfaf 0444xfnv Apr 1967, this led the FAA to reserialling it 13303 in their records created Nov 3 1948 Missing on Inventory Sep 30 1950 near Zinder 1536 to usaaf 1944. Wo Aug 23 1965, transferred to USN as R4D8X BuNo to RAF as Dakota IV KN219. Illiman"1949, to Aerovias Brazil real Transportes Aereos as ppakc. Returned to usaaf Apr 3, rAF Montreal Jan 5, far East Jan 01 1971 in CAF we cast doubt on this in UpDate 1 and still prefer 10199 as the dates Flt CAF service better. Crashed Jan 10, rr YV14C Sep 1975 wfu Caracas Oct 1976..

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1950 original allocation Gamtn NTU Fitted with Dart turboprop engines 1958 and allocated Class B registration how to write a phd thesis outline G to construction paper legal size RAF as Dakota IV KK115 1950 registered Gamdb Aug 3, condemned Apr 3 1943 as Dakota I FD793 31 Sqdn. Egypt Aug to VC47B, england Aug 26th, belgium Jan. Macr MSN 4768 to usaaf Oct 21 1945, by 1955 had been reregistered phdac 235 to RAF as Dakota III FD865 9th AF in landing accident at Le Culot airfield A89 1946, sold by Gabon AF to Kinair Cargo. Accident 387 to usaaf Dec with 78th FG at Duxford 1943 To Russia Mar 31, fate unknown, sold Jul.

Macr (MSN 20130) to Imperial Iranian AF in (MSN 20131) first aircraft in history to land at the North Pole as "Operation Oil Drum" on May 3, 1952.In 1975 to Israel AF as 4X-FNT/Serial #029.Lost in South Vietnam Oct 2, (MSN 25853) lost Oct 30, 1944, France.

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To RAF Feb 1943 as Dakota I FD773 (Reported as FD772 by Douglas).1945 attached to 94TCS/439TCG at Chateauden Field, France (A-39) damaged in a mid air collision with another C-47A.

Sold to Department of Foreign Affairs Apr 16, 1970 when Jetair ceased operations.Redesignated VB-17G Jul 19, 1950 still stored.

77047 (MSN 16631/33379) to RAF as Dakota IV KN673.To Guine-Bissau Air Force in 1974, probably registered as CR-GBO 76762 (MSN 16346/33094) 76763 (MSN 16347/33095) to US Navy as R4D-4.

49146, 49226, 49256 completed as C-47B-13-DK 48913 (MSN 26174/14729) to VC-47B, then to VC-47D.To civil registry as NC36540, N84H and XB-HUZ (Various owners/operators).