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Personal health reflection paper, Valdosta state university online phd

rely on any of well-known pain assessment methods. Polycystic ovary syndrome (pcos) is one of the most common endocrine disorder among females of reproductive age. Side effects can include over-sedation, respiratory depression, pruritis, nausea and vomiting, thus continuous review of the patient by the pain nurse is necessary3. I could guess that she relied on physiological signs and observation of behavior only. The findings laid the groundwork with preliminary findings for the development of culturally-tailored and patient-centered education programs to enhance eating behaviors and promote positive appraisal. A middle aged female patient underwent an operation called Girdle Stone procedure. The nurses first drive was to administer morphine right away.

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Free research paper, perception to the IM and the active independent mobility AIM. No association was found between certain emerging contaminants exam and pcos either in an unadjusted binary logistic regression model or in a model adjusted for potential confounders. However, additionally, there is another perspective on the significance of reflection and introspection in any medical profession. Individual levelneighborhood level regression analyses were conducted to examine whether the environmental perceptions differed between parents and adolescents and the association between the parental and adolescentsapos. Since the patient was in acute pain. I was able to get control of my emotions and stay in the recovery area. I was horrified by the inability of medical professionals to help immediately and effectively. Followed by food cravings, when the nurse managed to get the patients pain under control. I am always trying to offer constructive and not merely critical remarks. When Finished Please Click The Submit Button.

Extant theoretical models of technology acceptance are limited in their application to older adultsstudies on which these models are based included a limited sample of older adults or none at all. None assessed use of a technology specifically designed for older adults. I will act depending on circumstances, action Plan, the most optimal approach will be discussed in the concluding chapter of this reflective cycle. If to analyze this issue from an ethical perspective.

Yet, adoption rates are lower compared with younger adults.Freshman, sophomore, junior, senior *How many times did you participate in community service as a: Freshman, sophomore, junior, senior What specific skills did you use at your community site that created a positive immediate outcome?

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Yet one important conclusion that should be made after this incident is that health care practitioners should always remain in control of their emotions in order to be able to think clearly and correctly.If a health care professional involved in solving an acute and serious problem like this acts in an appropriate manner, accepts advice from other parties, and is ready to cooperate, I will offer him or her all the necessary help.

If you experienced any challenges working with a diverse population, what were the challenges?Taking into account the fact that stress and emotional shock are inalienable elements of professions of such kind, medical practitioners often encounter situations and experiences they need to make sense.Both of these sets of skills are of paramount importance in any medical profession since it involves undergoing stress and emotional shocks on a regular basis.

M is professional research paper writing service which is committed to write top-quality custom research papers, term papers, essays, thesis papers and dissertations.Adolescents' environmental perceptions were not associated with their IM but parental perceptions of traffic- and crime-related safety were associated with IM and with active IM, although not all associations were in the expected direction.Since her pain was slightly relieved, the nurses stopped paying attention to her.

I had an impression that all actions of the nurse were not prompt enough.However, reflection and introspection helped me to deal with these negative emotions, and I started to see positive sides of this incident for me emotional development.