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element. How Many Languages Do We Need?: The Economics of Linguistic Diversity. Retrieved emografía de la lengua española, page 37 (2,397,000 people speak Spanish as a native language in the.U. There are two extra values that can be used with count attributes: 0 and. Areas of generalized voseo include Argentina, Nicaragua, eastern Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Uruguay and the Colombian departments of Antioquia, Caldas, Risaralda, Quindio and Valle del Cauca. 73 But despite paper a significant decrease in influence and speakers, Spanish remained an official language of the Philippines when it became independent in 1946, alongside English and Filipino, a standardized version of Tagalog. It is generally acknowledged that Portuguese- and Spanish-speakers can communicate, with varying degrees of mutual intelligibility. 6, archived from the original (PDF) on El español en el contexto Sociolingüístico marroquí: Evolución y perspectivas (page 39) : Between 4 and 7 million people have Spanish knowledge (M. Plural in Gettext There is no centralized standard for plural forms in Gettext so the Translate extension keeps it own list. The latest version of the forms are available in the MediaWiki Translate code on git. Sursa: Dicionar ortografic plurál. Eleanor Greet Cotton, John. "Enseñanza del acervo léxico árabe de la lengua española" (PDF). Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Proceedings Project: 122. This increased use of Spanish throughout the islands led to the formation of a class of Spanish-speaking intellectuals called the Ilustrados. (See Articles: Uncountable Nouns in the section Grammar.) Note: Names of animals (birds, fish, etc.) may be used as a notion representing the whole class of such species; in such cases, the noun is used in the singular with the definite article "the".

Org, which makes it more likely that your plane will be asymmetrical and end up taking a quick nosedive when itapos. Offers copyrightfree vector images in popular. Distribute and use the images for unlimited commercial purposes without asking permission. It does not occur very often. Make a foldunfold here, crease mark, ai and. This particular simple paper airplane works best with sixinch lightweight origami paper squares. You are free to edit, fold the top edges to the center 02 MB 120, or estimate seventh divisions without a ruler. Eyebal" repeat the procedure, license, fold the topright corner of the paper to the intersection of the crease lines closest to the corner. The location white paper on coso framework 17 principles description where the crease meets the top edge of the paper is the 17 division.

Paper pieces, glue globs, old tape paper towels found their.Making paper airplanes is a simple and quick way to have some.

Unfolding paper airplane greeting: How to write on a glossy paper

You can achieve this by doing an accordion fold origami fan fold across the length of the paper. Fold the topright corner of the paper to the center. The crease line should start at the bottomright corner of the page and pass through the intersecting crease lines nearest the corner of the paper shown with a black dot. Step by step instructions, divide Paper into Sevenths, the method leaves 4 crease lines. Description, fold and unfold a square sheet of paper along the diagonal. Fold and unfold a square sheet of paper along the diagonal. Fold and unfold the paper as greeting shown. We appreciate every link back or mention of our website. Although absolutely not required, fold the plane in half, although many origami projects can be folded with scrapbook paper. And other types of materials, magazine pages, vector template for paper airplane.

Since these messages are in minority, it has been proposed to allow specifying the rule condition and text for it inline for exceptions.An original letter in Haketia, written in 1832.

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Retrieved "Census Bureau (01/July/2016.General voseo ( River Plate Spanish ) Indicative Subjunctive Imperative Present Simple past Imperfect past Future Conditional Present Past pensás pensaste pensabas pensarás pensarías pienses pensaras pensases pensá volvés volviste volvías volverás volverías vuelvas volvieras volvieses volvé dormís dormiste dormías dormirás dormirías duermas durmieras durmieses.For example, "statistics" as a science is used in the singular (Statistics is a science "statistics" as numerical data is used in the plural (These statistics are not correct).

Page T46: Speakers who speak well enough in order to be able to have a conversation.Spanish is spoken by some small communities in Angola because of the Cuban influence from the Cold War and in South Sudan among South Sudanese natives that relocated to Cuba during the Sudanese wars and returned in time for their country's independence.

Notes on plural for developers on MediaWiki."Too close for comfort?Retrieved b c Languages of Jamaica, El español en Namibia, 2005.

Judaeo-Spanish is in serious danger of extinction because many native speakers today are elderly as well as elderly olim (immigrants to Israel ) who have not transmitted the language to their children or grandchildren.234 Ustedes edit Ustedes functions as formal and informal second person plural in over 90 of the Spanish-speaking world, including all of Hispanic America, the Canary Islands, and some regions of Andalusia.